The term Outsider Art embraces the work of naïve, primitive and self-taught artists. In recent years, Outsiders–artists who work outside the formal academic structure and away from mainstream art centers– have been “discovered” and are reinvigorating the art scene. Naïve works like Bill Traylor’s abstract depictions of plantation life and the urban south, Mose Tolliver’s lyrical birds, dogs, bulls and other four legged and two legged creatures fill us with wonder, whimsy and a sense of history. Many of these pieces are now recognized as important works which contribute to and influence the contemporary art world. Our approach to dealing in this very exciting area of contemporary art developed through hunts to thrift stores, auctions, flea markets, and finally travelling to meet the artists themselves. Touring galleries and museums inspired us to collect this beautiful folk and naïve art, and we filled our own homes with art and paintings by Outsider Artists.

Then we discovered the amazing retrospective of self-taught artists and their works, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibit: Great and Mighty Things, a groundbreaking exhibit of Outsider Artists. Our mission shifted at this point: we wanted the world to see what we were learning. Fine art, important art, is within anyone’s reach. We find great pleasure using art to turn our homes into beautiful environments. We want to show others that art, paintings, and artifacts belong in their lives too.

In visiting our website, OutsiderArtists.Net, you will see an array of lovingly curated naïve, folk, southern, visionary, and outsider art, paintings, and sculptures found by Pat Wadsley and Barbara Brown. We hope that you enjoy what we share with you.

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Guinea Chicks

8″ x 11″ Acrylic on wood

Artist:John “Cornbread” Anderson



Three Dogs

12″ x 16″ Acrylic on canvas

Artist:Sari Azaria



Spring Has Sprung

12″ x 17″ Acrylic on Wood

Artist:James Squeakie Stone



Kinetic White Stork

12″ x 10″

Artist:Roland Roure